DE LA TIERRA has been involved with the pioneers of commercial pomegranate production in both Greece and Turkey. With its expertise in agronomy and postharvest management, DE LA TIERRA is able to offer an extended Mediterranean season.

DE LA TIERRA is serving tailored solutions to both the fresh and lightly-processed sectors.

Pomegranate is a non-climacteric fruit. The optimum time to harvest pomegranate is when it is fully ripe, based on colouration and Brix levels.

ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging maintains high humidity and prolongs senescence, thus keeping the product fresher and firmer for longer. Fresh and intact crowns are also critical for maximum retail value.

Benefits provided by ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging for pomegranate include:

  • Extended shelf-life, allowing for longer storage and distribution channels,
  • Reduced dehydration, preventing weight loss, withered crown and dry, leathery peel,
  • Decreased occurrence and inhibition of skin blemishes,
  • Maintained freshness and firmness,
  • Inhibition of storage mould and rots, and
  • Higher profitability due to reduced wastage in the supply chain.



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