DE LA TIERRA is dedicated to Alphonso, the king of mango. We source from India and Malawi, the largest commercial source of Alphonso outside of India. This fruit is close to our hearts, having worked on sustainability projects in India as well as being part of the management team that brought Alphonso to Malawi, the warm heart of Africa!

Mango is a climacteric fruit, exhibiting all of the typical signs of a ripening fruit: change in colour, texture, sweetness and aroma. Mango for fresh export is typically harvested at full green maturity to prevent the mango from producing its own ethylene. This is essential if green shelf-life is to be respected. It is imperative that mango is shipped and received in a green state. Any isolated spots of yellow mango within a green load need to be removed ahead of any ripening. This is a costly exercise for the receiver.

One of the main diseases associated with mango is Anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides). Removal of ethylene can be used to suppress mango anthracnose. ZOEPAC offers a unique product that not only extends the green life by prolonging the ripening process, but the design of the packaging is permeable enough to facilitate transportation in controlled atmosphere containers and ripening without the need to remove the green mango from its packaging. It is also compatible with ethylene-scrubbing devices. Furthermore, once ripened, the control of ethylene and carbon dioxide is also important to delay the onset of senescence. ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging for mango serves this dual function.

Benefits provided by ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging for mango include:

  • Extended green shelf-life, allowing for longer storage and distribution channels,
  • Reduced handling costs, green mango can be ripened in the sealed bag,
  • Extended yellow shelf-life, resulting in lower wastage levels,
  • Maintained freshness and firmness,
  • Inhibition of storage mould and rots, and
  • Higher profitability due to reduced wastage in the supply chain.



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