Our Technologies

The UN FAO estimates that a total of 31% of food production is lost post-harvest. Not only does this represent a $400bn loss in value, but embedded in these losses are significant carbon and water footprints. With modern agriculture being a leading cause of climate change and biodiversity loss and a primary user of global freshwater, agrifood supply chains must work on minimising these losses (FAO, 2021).

In the words of FAO Director-General, Qu Dongyu: ‘We need to accelerate progress in achieving SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) target 12.3 by 2030 to halve global food waste and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses,’ warning that we only have ‘nine (harvest) seasons remaining to do so.’

DE LA TIERRA has specialised in and built a reputation in postharvest management. Here are some of the key technologies DE LA TIERRA is proud to work on.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

There is packaging, and there is ZOEPAC packaging. ZOEPAC packaging technology is not just a carrier or a means of transporting goods. With packaging solutions tailored to optimise relative humidity and gaseous levels for a wide range of fruit and vegetable products, several benefits can be achieved.


Most producers and processors focus their efforts on their core product and market. Thereafter, it is a scramble to optimise crop utilisation and by-production valorisation. The mindset is reflected in the language we use.