Associated Partners

DE LA TIERRA collaborates with other firms on postharvest management and by-product valorisation. Here are some of our key associated partners.


ZOEPAC specialises in packaging solutions for the fresh produce and lightly-processed sectors. 

ZOEPAC recognises the efforts which go into crop production and marketing and the threats to sustainable agriculture from increasing cost of inputs, adverse climatic conditions, and global competition. ZOEPAC aims to protect your product because postharvest losses do not just signify a loss of retail value but also a waste of valuable resources, a setback in client confidence, and missed sales opportunities.

DE LA TIERRA collaborates with ZOEPAC on its commercial strategy, key account management, and commercial and technical support for its global agents and representatives. DE LA TIERRA also holds the agency for packaging sales in designated territories.

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INSPIRAFARMS designs, develops, and supplies modular and energy-efficient on-farm and close-to-farm cold rooms and packhouses for the horticultural sector in emerging markets, focusing on African countries.

DE LA TIERRA partners up with INSPIRAFARMS, where appropriate, to help with project proposals in terms of feasibility, packhouse design and market access.


LABIOCRAC specialises in the valorisation of agricultural by-products. Highly functional molecules are targeted and retrieved through their green and innovative process. These molecules have various functions, including improving fresh produce and ingredient shelf-life, reducing the need for acidification and unnecessary or excessive sugar inclusion and green solutions to chemicals used for food preservation.

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