Butternut squash, like other hard-rinded winter squash and pumpkin, is a fruiting vegetable. Although there are many varieties, butternut squash is typically harvested mature, when firm to the touch and significant development of carotenoids, which give their yellow to orange colour, plus a corked stem.

ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging maintains high humidity and prolongs senescence, thus keeping the product fresher and firmer for longer.

Benefits provided by ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging for butternut squash include:

Extended shelf-life, allowing for longer storage and distribution channels

  • Reduced dehydration, preventing weight loss,
  • Maintained colour,
  • Inhibition of chilling injury and pitting,
  • Maintained freshness and firmness,
  • Inhibition of storage mould and rots, and
  • Higher profitability due to reduced wastage in the supply chain.



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