Kiwi is a climacteric fruit harvested at green maturity. The main harvest indicators are pressure, Brix and, to a lesser extent, starch index. The product is traditionally stored and shipped under a controlled atmosphere. Although this is an effective means of inhibiting the ripening process, it does have its limitations. Modified atmosphere packaging, by contrast, gives more flexibility, allowing individual pallets to be removed from storage without compromising the entire atmospheric regime of the store, plus the benefits of modified atmosphere do not stop once the shipment of goods reaches the final destination country, but continue on during storage and distribution to the client.

The late harvested crop will retain firmness better than the early harvested crop. Although unripe kiwi produces low rates of ethylene, it is very sensitive to its presence. Any build-up must be avoided in storage and transit.

ZOEPAC offers a unique product that not only extends the shelf life by prolonging the ripening process, but the design of the packaging is permeable enough to be combined with CA storage and shipment too. It is also compatible with ethylene-scrubbing devices.

Benefits provided by ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging for kiwi include:

  • Extended shelf-life, allowing for longer storage and distribution channels,
  • Reduced handling costs, individual pallets can be taken from the store without compromising the atmospheric regime of the remaining stock,
  • Inhibition of the ripening process,
  • Reduced dehydration, preventing weight loss and shrivelling,
  • Maintained freshness and firmness,
  • Inhibition of storage mould and rots, and
  • Higher profitability due to reduced wastage in supply chain.



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