Persimmon is a product that characterises the strength of our technical know-how and postharvest expertise. One of the favoured varieties, Rojo Brillante, is produced in Turkey. It experiences a similar harvest period as Spain, but has its season extended into April. This makes for a very exciting Mediterranean proposition.

Persimmon is climacteric. The optimum time to harvest persimmon is when there is full colouration (yellow or orange depending on hybrid), but firm to the touch. The crop should not be harvested too early, as it will fail to develop its full sensory profile and sweetness. Likewise, care should be taken to avoid handling fully ripe persimmon as they are very soft and perishable. Although not a great producer of ethylene, persimmon is sensitive to its presence and exposure needs to be avoided to prevent softening from occurring.

ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging maintains high humidity and prolongs the ripening process, thus keeping the product fresher and firmer for longer.

ZOEPAC offers a unique product that not only extends shelf life by prolonging the ripening process, but the design of the packaging is permeable enough to facilitate transportation in controlled atmosphere containers. It is also compatible with ethylene-scrubbing devices.

Benefits provided by ZOEPAC modified atmosphere packaging for persimmon include:

  • Extended shelf-life, allowing for longer distribution and storage channels,
  • Reduced dehydration, preventing weight loss and shrivelling,
  • Reduces astringency (tannins) without the need to employ carbon dioxide,
  • Maintained freshness and firmness,
  • Inhibition of storage mould and rots, and Higher profitability due to reduced wastage in supply chain.


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